Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market

Massachusetts – 19039 Miles Driven.  

While in Boston I wanted to get a taste of New England seafood at its best, and for that I went to Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market.

In 1954 James F. Turner opened Turner Fisheries, a fish wholesale company that sold fish bought at auction to high-end restaurants.  Today the wholesale business still operates under J. Turner Seafoods, but with all this wonderful seafood at their fingertips it was inevitable restaurants would follow.  I visited the first Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market located in Melrose, MA.

Jim Turner, the grandson of James F. Turner, confidently described Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market to me as being the most authentic New England seafood experience you can get.  He and his team inspect the daily catch from Gloucester and Boston Harbours looking first and foremost at the quality of the product, not the price.  As far as Jim is concerned the better the quality of the fish the less waste there’ll be.  Not all the fish that Turner’s sells and serves is caught in New England waters.  According to Jim New England fisheries are some of the most regulated in the world, which means that there isn’t necessarily the choice and volumes available that there once were, that and there’s some great seafood available elsewhere in the America.

A little bit of everything

Some of the recipes used in Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market such as the traditional Finnan Haddie, have been passed down through generations of the Turner family.  Others are from the chefs working at some of the high-end restaurants Turner’s has supplied over the many years.  Diners can choose to sit at one of the many tables, or at the expansive bar overlooking shellfish aplenty being shucked and portions of mussels being steamed fresh.  As far as deciding on what to eat I didn’t have a clue, there was too much delicious sounding seafood to choose from.  After bombarding barman Anthony with questions, I settled for a selection.  The Mexican Brown Shrimp as recommended by Jim and served with a punchy cocktail sauce were very good, meaty and sweet, and a perfect example of when Jim’s had to look further afield than New England to find the best.  The local Cherrystone clams and Duxbury oysters on the half shell were as fresh as you can get.  The cup of lobster bisque, a family recipe, was absolutely fantastic.  There was so much lobster and flavour packed into that little cup of light and creamy bisque.

Order something raw, order something cooked, order something from a little further way, you won’t be disappointed with any of the seafood served at Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market.

Turner’s Seafood Grill & Market is located at; 506 Main St, Melrose, MA 02176.  Telephone; +1 (781) 662-0700.

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