(not just) Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky – 20845 Miles Driven.  

Fried chicken in the state of Kentucky is definitely a thing.  Equally as famous and arguably as unhealthy are bourbon, country ham, and something called a Hot Brown that’s easily the unhealthiest of the lot.

The fried chicken

After eating upper-class fried chicken at the Merrick Inn, middle-class fried chicken cooked at home, and working-class fried chicken at the very first KFC where the Colonel himself first set up shop, I have come to the conclusion that fried chicken is fried chicken.  It all tastes pretty good, and none of it’s good for you.

The bourbon

Even though I don’t particularly like drinking it, I couldn’t pass through Kentucky and not visit at least one of its many bourbon distilleries.  Named after the buffalo that migrated through the area, Buffalo Trace is one of the oldest distilleries in the United States.  If you want to learn about the life of a bourbon barrel, get an in depth look into how bourbon is made, and of course try the stuff, I can’t recommend Buffalo Trace enough.  Though I left still not liking bourbon.

The country ham

The perfect breakfast sandwich

In the heart of Kentucky’s horse-land, is the Midway School Bakery.  As its name would suggest, it’s a converted school cafeteria turned bakery, where a wonderful bunch of pastry chefs produce some quite wonderful baked goods.  Midway gets the prize for serving me one of the finest biscuits I’ve ever eaten.  The country ham, ham that has been salt-cured and smoked for a matter of months up to a few years, made this breakfast sandwich one that’ll beat the socks of others.  The slice of bourbon chocolate pie I had for my breakfast dessert was amazing.

The Hot Brown

Rob Ramsey owns the very successful Ramsey’s Diners in Lexington, Kentucky.  They’re the sort of places families go for good food, good service, and a friendly atmosphere, and where church goers will treat themselves to after a Sunday service.  Like another popular fictional bar advertises, it’s a place you go where everybody knows your name.  Spend enough time propped up at the bar, and you’ll be rewarded with your very own commemorative brass plaque.

Hot dang it’s a Hot Brown

What is served at the Ramsey’s is typical meat and three veg style Southern cooking.  Included is the Hot Brown, a calorie laden open-faced sandwich that got its name from where it originated, at the Brown Hotel, Louisville.  Ramsey’s make theirs by piling thinly sliced turkey and ham on top of a slice of toasted white bread, smothering in a rich white chicken gravy, adding a couple of slices of tomato, and covering the whole lot with I dread to think how much cheddar cheese.  It’s grilled until the cheese gets so hot it bubbles, and a couple of slices of streaky bacon are added for good measure.  It’s pure comfort food, that if you manage to eat the whole thing makes you feel extremely uncomfortable.

The original KFC is located at; 688 US Highway 25 W, Corbin, KY 40701.  Telephone; +1 (606) 528-2163.

Buffalo Trace Distillery is located at; 113 Great Buffalo Trace, Frankfort, KY 40601.  Telephone; +1 (800) 654-8471.

Midway School Bakery is located at; 510 Versailles Rd, Midway, KY 40347.  Telephone; +1 (859) 846-4336.

Ramsey’s Diner is located at; 3090 Helmsdale Drive, Lexington, KY 40509.  Telephone; +1 (859)-264-9396.

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