Las Vegas

Nevada – 14943 Miles Driven + 1212 Miles Flown.  

Las Vegas is a dessert city where as far as food is concerned money really can buy you anything, and where many of the big name restaurant brands seem to have a presence.  Having left my car behind in Iowa I wouldn’t be able to explore the surrounding area and search for hidden gem food spots off the beaten track.  It was more a case of finding not so hidden gems off of the Vegas strip.  Here are some of them.


Healthy juice. Happy Frickles.
Healthy juice. Happy Frickles.

SkinnyFATS is the brainchild of a guy named Reed who originally just wanted somewhere near to his office that served iced tea.  The menu is split between ‘healthy’ and ‘happy’.  ‘Healthy’ options have the calorie count printed on the menu, but they’re ominously absent from anything listed under ‘happy’.

The very healthy fruit and veg Green Mile juice was delicious.  The even healthier Zucc It, a bowl of zucchini noodles and arrabbiata sauce that for an incredibly minimal 115 calories was surprisingly tasty and filling.  Frickles are deep-fried Cajun pickles served with chipotle aioli that feature on the restaurants $4.20 secret menu.  They definitely weren’t healthy but eating them certainly made me happy.


Truffled egg sandwich and a whole lot of potatoes.

eat.’s owner Natalie Young is a professional chef with over 20 years of industry experience, and who is a passionate supporter of the local community.  Its reputation for serving good food that uses sustainable and locally sourced ingredients has made eat. a popular breakfast and brunch hotspot.

The deep-fried deviled eggs were the perfect calorie-laden appetizer, and my truffled egg, feta and bacon ciabatta sandwich was a delight.  I probably could have done without the mound of accompanying fried potatoes.

Pizza Rock

Not so secret pizza at Pizza Rock
Not so secret pizza at Pizza Rock


Tony Gemignani’s Pizza Rock may have originated outside of Las Vegas, but that doesn’t detract from its wood fired charred pizza being some of the tastiest I’ve eaten.  My giant slice was topped with purple potato, pancetta, feta, rosemary and pesto.  If it wasn’t for the Cosmopolitan hotel’s ‘secret pizza place’ closing early the previous evening, I probably wouldn’t have discovered Pizza Rock.  I’m so glad that I did.


Hash House a go go

Giant bowl of oats
Giant bowl of oats

Hash Hash a go go at The Linq is known for it’s absolutely ginormous portion sizes that people can enjoy 24 hours a day.  It’s a popular destination for worse for wear partygoers, and for gamblers who want to drown the sorrows of their losses in calories.  For the people watching alone it’s worth a visit.  I had an early flight to catch and at 5am Hash Hash was one of the few places open for breakfast.  I tried to be sensible by opting for the healthy sounding bowl of oatmeal, but there was nothing sensible about the amount I was served, even with the accompanying pile of fruit.  It was an absurd amount of food, but a fitting last meal for my stay in Las Vegas.

On my way to the airport I passed a sign with ‘go hard or go home’ printed on it.  If to go hard means to eat too much, drink too much, and spend too much, I’d succeeded.  I was ready to go home, or more specifically back to Iowa.


4 thoughts on “Las Vegas

  1. Carly Hodgson Reply

    That’s the biggest pizza I’ve ever seen!

    1. lucyeatsamerica Reply

      Carly I promise I only ate one slice! I was holding myself back.

  2. Larry Clark Reply

    Hi Lucy:

    Makes me actually want to go to and eat in Lost Wages. I think there is a tractor beam emanating from Sin City that targets all visiting English people. You just can’t help yourself. The attraction is to great. All English people we know are obligated to pay homage to this desert playground. That you were able set yourself free and fly back speaks to the unnatural relationship you have with your temporarily abandoned car (Kevin). Say hi to everyone when you get to New York City. Ask Allison how she eats there and stays skinny!


    1. lucyeatsamerica Reply

      Larry you continue to make me laugh. If I’d have had some unsuspecting and naive family to stay with in Vegas I’d probably still be there. Allison says hi. Actually she hasn’t said hi, but I’m sure she would.

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