Glarner Stube

Wisconsin – 15883 Miles Driven.  

Wisconsin is one of America’s dairy hubs, famed for its milk production and array of wonderful cheeses.  The small picturesque town of New Glarus has a popular craft-brewery of the same name, owing to its Swiss origins yodelling playing on loudspeaker throughout the streets, and fondue.  The place to get it is Glarner Stube.

Glarner Stube or in English ‘The Living Room of New Glarus’ opened in 1991 and is owned by husband and wife Debbie and Gary.  Save the small Swiss flag, the outside looks like most of its neighbouring redbrick Midwestern style buildings.  Inside the wooden paneling complete with a token pair of decorative wooden skis and giant cow bell, give the place a distinct Swiss ski chalet feel.

The giant cow bell

There are a few salads to choose from but the bulk of the menu is made up of Swiss meat and cheese dishes.  Had I have known in advance just how filling the cheese fondue appetiser was going to be even shared between three people, I would have thought twice about ordering an main dish too.

The fondue is served in huge cast iron pot alongside an equally as large bowl of crusty bread.  It’s made from a combination of local Swiss and Gruyere style cheese, white wine, kirsch and garlic.  Rich, creamy and delicious, it’s a perfect dish to be shared amongst friends on a cold winters day.  Even though it wasn’t a winters day and conversation came to a halt as we all laboriously attempted to finish the never-ending bowl of liquid cheese, I still enjoyed ever last cheesy doughy bite.

The Weiner Schnitzel

Next came the Swiss Weiner Schnitzel and Pastetli, served with a giant potato Röesti.  On account of the controversy that surrounds the main ingredient I’d normally avoid Weiner Schnitzel, veal cutlet breaded and lightly fried.  In this instance I made an exception; Glarner Stube’s veal is local, the calves are a byproduct of the many dairy-cows and ethically raised in barn pens.  The restaurant had done the veal justice, the pale and delicate meat had been prepared perfectly.  The Pastetli; slices of veal sausage, pork and chicken, in a white wine, cream and mushroom sauce, topped with puff pastry, was lot like stroganoff.  It was very rich and very good.  The Röesti or giant hash brown, acted as the perfect accompaniment to soak up the sauce from the Pastetli.

Save from one slightly creepy fellow diner who was fixated by my English accent, it was a very good and very enjoyable meal.  To say that I left full would be an understatement.  If I ever return to New Glarus I’ll be sure to return to Glarner Stube, next time though I’ll probably just stick to the fondue and probably disguise my accent.

Glarner Stube is located at; 518 1st St, New Glarus, WI 53574.  Telephone; +1 (608) 527-2216.

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