Narobia’s Grits & Gravy

Georgia – 22028 Miles Driven.  

Georgia marked the last of the 48 states I would be visiting on my epic American adventure.  Having found myself in the historical coastal city of Savannah, I couldn’t think of a better last meal to eat than shrimp and grits. more “Narobia’s Grits & Gravy”

Cannon’s & Carolina Bar-B-Que

South Carolina – 21775 Miles Driven.  

South Carolina like its northern neighbour is known for its barbecue.  It’s so popular that the state even has a famed 100 Mile Barbeque, 100 restaurants deemed worthy of driving 100 miles to get to.  Two of those restaurants are Cannon’s BBQ and Carolina Bar-B-Que.  Both serve great barbecue and both took a lot more than 100 miles to get to. more “Cannon’s & Carolina Bar-B-Que”

12 Bones Smokehouse

North Carolina – 21366 Miles Driven.  

North Carolina marked a return to barbecue country, and during my time spent in the spectacular Blue Ridge Mountains I was able to satisfy my craving at the positively raved about 12 Bones Smokehouse. more “12 Bones Smokehouse”


Pennsylvania – 20388 Miles Driven.  

When I read online that Michael ‘Jim’ Delligatti, one of McDonald’s first franchisees and inventor of the Big Mac had recently passed away, I made the decision to pay my respects to him the only way I knew how; by ordering one of his iconic burgers from the very first McDonald’s to sell them. more “McDonald’s”

Phoenix Bakery

West Virginia – 20369 Miles Driven.  

Morgantown, West Virginia is a city best known for being home to West Virginia University.  With any large college inevitably comes with it college football, and with that comes the all-American tradition of tailgating.  I wish I could write about my tailgating experience, except owing to the rather chilly weather mine was cut prematurely short.  Fortunately for me West Virginia also has another tradition, the pepperoni roll. more “Phoenix Bakery”

Thanh Trúc

Virginia – 20133 Miles Driven.  

The Eden Center located in the western Virginia just outside of Washington D.C., is a place that needs to be seen to be believed.  It’s a 200,000 sq. ft. Vietnamese strip mall, that made me feel as close to being back in Vietnam as I ever have since visiting there.    more “Thanh Trúc”

Washington, D.C.

Washington, D.C. – 20119 Miles Driven.  

During my stay in Washington, D.C. I never found myself intoxicated enough to indulge in a calorie-laden D.C. jumbo slice, and I’d eaten more than enough hot dogs to quash my desire to try a D.C. half-smoke.  What I hadn’t tried was a pupusa, and owing to D.C.’s large Salvadorian population I found myself becoming slightly addicted to them. more “Washington, D.C.”

Faidley Seafood

Maryland – 20048 Miles Driven.  

For as many people suggesting I visit Lexington Market in downtown Baltimore, there were equal numbers who advised me not to.  Yes, it may be home to seafood stop widely regarded as selling Maryland’s best crab cake, but ‘it’s dangerous’ and ‘you’ll get offered drugs’ generally followed as words of warning.  Obviously I chose to ignore those words of warning, there was no way I was going to let a little bit of danger and a few drugs get in the way of trying one of Faidley Seafood’s famed crab cakes.  more “Faidley Seafood”