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Maryland – 20048 Miles Driven.  

For as many people suggesting I visit Lexington Market in downtown Baltimore, there were equal numbers who advised me not to.  Yes, it may be home to seafood stop widely regarded as selling Maryland’s best crab cake, but ‘it’s dangerous’ and ‘you’ll get offered drugs’ generally followed as words of warning.  Obviously I chose to ignore those words of warning, there was no way I was going to let a little bit of danger and a few drugs get in the way of trying one of Faidley Seafood’s famed crab cakes. 

Nancy watching over her crab cake empire

Husband and wife team Bill and Nancy Devine own and operate Faidley; it was Nancy’s grandfather John W. Faidley, Sr. who in 1886 founded this long-standing seafood establishment that is easily the largest vendor in Lexington Market.  Its location has remained the same over the many years, and as far as Nancy’s concerned it’ll continue to remain there for many more to come.  Faidley sells a whole host of delicious looking seafood, not to mention some of Maryland’s more obscure delicacies such as muskrat, a swamp rodent I had no desire to try let alone see.

But it’s the jumbo lump crab cakes that really put Faidley on the foodie map, and made something of a star of Nancy.  Both she and Faidley have featured on countless TV shows, and received numerous awards for a crab cake Nancy herself created.  It’s a recipe Nancy and her loyal team are fiercely protective of.  A whole lot of jumbo lump Chesapeake blue crab goes into each ½ lb. cake, with some crushed saltine crackers and a secret sauce to bind it together.  It’s served on a paper plate with a token lettuce leaf, slice of tomato, and a packet of crackers.  That’s it.  At $15 this crab cake is pricier compared to others, but I guarantee it’s more than worth it.  The lumps of sweet crabmeat, and are coated in just the right amount of other ingredients, that only served to compliment the star crab and not overpower it.

The best crab cake you’ll ever eat

Yes, parts of Lexington Market did feel a little unsafe, and yes, within five minutes of walking inside I did get offered drugs.  However, what an interesting place it is, and I got to eat what I’m sure is one of the best crab cakes around.  Whether you choose to visit for the crab cakes, the atmosphere, or even the drugs, if you ever find yourself in Baltimore do pay a visit to Lexington Market.




Faidley Seafood is located at; 203 N Paca St, Baltimore, MD 21201.  Telephone; +1 (410) 727-4898.

For more information on Lexington Market click here.

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