O Bread Bakery

Vermont – 17805 Miles Driven.  

Located on the shores of the stunningly beautiful Lake Champlain is the 1400-acre Shelburne Farms.  It’s a nonprofit educational center for sustainability and people come here just to walk its many scenic trails.  It’s also home to the quite an exceptional O Bread Bakery. more “O Bread Bakery”

The Kelly Hotel

New York – 17098 Miles Driven.  

Being from England it’s easy to forget that New York isn’t just a city, there’s a whole giant state surrounding it too.  Previous visits to New York have always begun with a view of the iconic city skyline.  Not on this trip, and as I unceremoniously crossed the Pennsylvania/ New York state line it wasn’t skyscrapers that lined the horizon, it was farms.  I was on a long drive to the State’s second largest city Buffalo, to see the iconic Niagara Falls and of course eat some Buffalo wings.  But before I managed to make it to Buffalo and as I was taking photos of the New York state sign in such alien surroundings, I was rudely interrupted by someone shouting at me from the other side of the road.  “You can’t stop and take pictures without coming inside and trying our chicken wings”, so me being me, that’s exactly what I did. more “The Kelly Hotel”

Detroit Coney Dogs

Michigan – 16432 Miles Driven.  

Detroit is the home of Motown, the futuristic headquarters of auto giant General Motors, and to the Coney Dog.  Two longstanding next-door neighbour establishments are famed above all others for serving them, Lafayette Coney Island and American Coney Island.    more “Detroit Coney Dogs”

Golden Harvest

Michigan – 16371 Miles Driven.  

It’s difficult to describe the outside of Golden Harvest, a popular brunch spot located in the neighbourhood of Lansing, Michigan.  It’s definitely quirky; there is a mish mash of what I can only describe as ‘stuff’ fastened to the outside that could easily have come from a jumble sale.  Before you get to see the inside and owing to its almost cult following, you’ll normally have to wait in a lengthy line.  As per the warning sign on the door, ‘…unless balls of fire are falling from the sky…’ wait outside.  Thankfully it was a sunny and relatively warm the day my two friends and I decided to visit because wait outside we did, for nearly two hours. more “Golden Harvest”

Indiana Amish Country

Indiana – 16242 Miles Driven.  

The State of Indiana has the third largest population of Amish in the United States.  I wanted to find a true Amish culinary experience but with the use of the Internet and telephones typically not allowed, finding any information on the subject proved tricky to say the least.  In the end it was a chance coincidence with a man named Kenny that gifted me the dining opportunity I was looking for.     more “Indiana Amish Country”

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

Illinois – 16054 Miles Driven.  

To think that Chicago-style pizza solely refers to deep-dish is as much of a misconception as thinking the Windy City is so called because of the cold winds blowing through it streets.  In addition Chicago prides itself on both its stuffed and thin-crust pizzas, and one other.  Famed for being invented and served at one particular restaurant, it’s the Chicago pizza-pot pie served at Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company. more “Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company”

Glarner Stube

Wisconsin – 15883 Miles Driven.  

Wisconsin is one of America’s dairy hubs, famed for its milk production and array of wonderful cheeses.  The small picturesque town of New Glarus has a popular craft-brewery of the same name, owing to its Swiss origins yodelling playing on loudspeaker throughout the streets, and fondue.  The place to get it is Glarner Stube.

more “Glarner Stube”

5-8 Club & Matt’s Bar

Minnesota – 15204 Miles Driven.  

Minnesota is the birthplace of a very special burger with two restaurants famed above the rest for serving them.  These notoriously bitter rivals both believe their burger is the original, the best, and the correctly spelt.  In the battle of the cheese-stuffed beef burger it’s the Juicy Lucy from the 5-8 Club versus the Jucy Lucy from Matt’s Bar.

more “5-8 Club & Matt’s Bar”

Las Vegas

Nevada – 14943 Miles Driven + 1212 Miles Flown.  

Las Vegas is a dessert city where as far as food is concerned money really can buy you anything, and where many of the big name restaurant brands seem to have a presence.  Having left my car behind in Iowa I wouldn’t be able to explore the surrounding area and search for hidden gem food spots off the beaten track.  It was more a case of finding not so hidden gems off of the Vegas strip.  Here are some of them.

more “Las Vegas”