LucyHi there I’m Lucy, I’m British, and I’m embarking on a quest to Eat America!

As crazy as that undoubtedly sounds, it’s actually happening, and I will soon be crossing the Atlantic to see what culinary delights our American neighbors have to offer.

Arguably known as a nation of fast-food junkies, the kings of BBQ, and a country where super-size reigns supreme, I want to challenge the American stereotype.  Yes, I may only be visiting one country, but it’s one country of epic proportions, and I’m looking to find something uniquely different and fantastic in each of the 48 states I visit.

So thanks for coming this far, and I hope you’ll join me on this trip of a lifetime.

Below are some frequently asked questions to give you a little bit more background on what this is all about.  I promise that I have been asked every single one.


Q. You’re a British girl who wants to Eat America…. Surely that’s impossible?
A. Wrong, it is possible!  In each of the Lower 48 I’ll be eating at various establishments, and (nearly) all them will be recommended to me through word of mouth.  I’ll also be looking at each States’ food industry and trends.

Q. 48 states, that’s quite an undertaking!  How do you plan on getting around?
A. I’ll be doing this journey on four wheels, apart from Hawaii and Alaska where I’ll have to fly.

Q. Surely you’d have to be crazy to attempt this on your own?
A. Perhaps I am a little crazy.  I am lucky enough to know friends, family, friends of family etc. etc. dotted about the U.S. that I’ll hopefully be staying with along the way.  I’ll be hoping to have a few guest appearances from friends who will join me on my travels.  Most importantly, I’ll be making a lot of mix tapes for the car!

Q. So apart from being a bit crazy, why are you doing this?
A. I’m lucky enough to have visited a few different countries including the USA.  Experiencing the local cuisine in each place I visit, is a big part of why I love to travel.  I can’t wait to unearth some hidden gem places to eat, and delve into what makes each U.S. State tick, from a food perspective anyway.  On a more somber note, my wonderful mum Jenny, who sadly passed away a few years ago, always wanted to take a road trip around the U.S.  So in a way I’m doing this for her.

Q. It sounds like you love your food.  Apart for that, what makes you qualified to do this?
A. Correct, I do love my food!  I also have eight years worth of experience working in the UK food industry, having been a buyer and product developer from some of the world’s most recognizable retailers and brands.  Prior to that I gained a Bachelors degree in the UK, studying Food Marketing and Economics.

Q. How are you planning on financing this trip; surely it’s not going to be cheap?
A. It won’t be cheap.  I’ve done the unthinkable for me, and saved up an amount of money I hope will cover the costs.  If it doesn’t, well I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

Q. Surely you’re going to put on loads of weight?
A. There is that risk.  The plan was to go on a super healthy diet before hand, but that’s not quite worked out.  I’ve been advised to only snack on carrots, and I’ll be carrying plenty of jumbo-sized bags of them in my car.